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We’re proud of our roots and the values our company is built upon. Hard work, honesty, and genuine relationships are important to us. Those values shaped us into who we are today and continue to guide us as we move forward to tomorrow.

Products & Services

At Boss we have over 60+ years of experience and knowledge in the Dust control business. You will find a friendly knowledgeable voice. We can service all of Ontario. Our trucks have been designed to meet everything from the smallest of jobs to the largest jobs. Having this option keeps Boss Dust Control competitive.

Horse Arenas

  • Long lasting results with most arenas
  • Reduction of dust in these closed arenas – a key factor in the health and wellness of the animals, riders and spectators
  • No watering required with Boss DE-Dusting Oil
  • Supplied and applied service by experienced operators
  • Suitable for most types of arena footing materials

Commercial Lots

  • Top quality products that provide effective & long lasting results
  • Timely response to your request for service
  • Application by experienced operators
  • Full load and less than truckload available province wide

Why Choose Boss Dust Control

Excellent Value

Low annual average costs due to minimal gravel replacement costs, minimal grading expenses (once or twice a year) and reduced washout repair costs. BOSS Dust Control is competitively priced. It is our goal to provide the best service and quality product for your budget.

Dust Free

Hard, weather sealed, smooth riding surface free of hazardous dust. Extremely effective on sandy road bases and heavy traffic roadways and remains effective under the driest of conditions. BOSS Dust Control retains 60% of the gravel or dirt. Keeping the dust down helps with the visibility while on the roads.


Provides a surface that acts like pavement, yet can be reworked and shaped using existing equipment and materials, i.e. a grader.

Long Lasting

Single applications last all season. More cost effective than tar & chip or paving and minimal continued maintenance on the treated road. A typical application should last 1-2 years depending on weather/ traffic etc.

Professionally Handled

Delivered by our dedicated transportation fleet. We ensure supply throughout the season. We can service all of Ontario. Our trucks have been designed to meet everything from the smallest of jobs to the largest jobs.

Canadian Product

With using Boss Dust Control, you are purchasing from a Canadian made, Canadian owned and Designed for Canadian weather company. We’ve proudly served Canadians for over 60 years.

Health & Safety Benefits

Controlling dust is something that everyone over looks but can cause serious health and breathing issues. Silica dust is created from the earths crust. Breathing in the dust causes silicosis, a severe disease that can scar the lungs. This does not just involve humans but animals as well.

Respiratory dust is comprises of very small particles in the dust cloud. Due to the small size, these particles are able to penetrate into the deepest parts of the lungs where the body is less able to expel the particles. Respiratory dust may contribute to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Boss Dust Control De-Dusting Oil is an economical and safe non-toxic product. This low viscosity petroleum product is designed to control the dusty conditions in horse rings, riding arenas or any where the interior or exterior riding conditions require a dust control treatment and any commercial lot that contains gravel content.

By using the Boss De-Dusting Oil, you will create a better environment for everyone involved including animals, staff, riders, and spectators by creating better air quality for your space.

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